Ows Image CDN

The right way to manage & deliver images on the web

Image CDN with automatic optimization, real-time transformation, and storage that you can integrate with existing setup in minutes.

Adopt a simple image workflow

Deliver optimized, responsive images on all platforms without managing multiple components.

Resize & Transform Images

Deliver responsive images

Adapt images using height, width, crop, aspect ratio, and DPR transformations.

Add watermark and text overlays

Leverage more than 40 URL-based transformations to modify the image exactly as you like.

Show perfect thumbnails

Generate attention-grabbing thumbnails using content-aware smart cropping and face detection.

Allow you to change JPG or PNG to WebP (Google recommend image format for SEO)

WebP is a modern format that can deliver superior image quality at a small size, thus promising to provide a faster and more engaging user experience on your website, even with a large number of images.

Compress images without any tools

For example, you can easily compress an image of 6mb to 30kb or even smaller using OWS CDN without losing the image quality.
Why does normal image slow down page? That's because your theme might require a small image, and your blog or website images are likely heavy mostly 1000px PNG images or bigger than the required image size....
How can OWS CDN fix that?, OWS CDN is a global CDN Network powered by Google Apache modules, NGINX, Cloudflare, OWS Packages. When you add OWS CDN to your WordPress website, Any WordPress themes that require an image size of EG 100px, OWS CDN will automatically convert the image to 100px, and the image size, height, width will automatically be reduced without losing image quality, when you install the OWS CDN plugin on your WordPress website.
If you don't make use of WordPress you can also enjoy OWS CDN SEO benefits, by using Web query for example adding ?fit=300,300 etc from your HTML and send request to OWS CDN while our system take care of the rest... Thanks

OWS CDN can help in Boosting your website SEO

OWS CDN really plays a great role in terms of SEO, helping in making PNG images as WebP which google recommend for website loading read more at Read More on Google Developers

What OWS CDN Can Do For You

Improve web performance

Instantly remove image related warnings with automatic optimization and optimal cache policies.

Deliver compressed images in the right format

Get the smallest file based on the image content & device with optimal format selection.

Display images in milliseconds

Get millisecond load times globally.

No need to move images

Use with OWS CDN Plugin or Web Proxy.

Use your domain name

For example, use https://img.example.com for better SEO and control.

Use in-built OWS Image CDN, NGINX, Google CDN and Cloudflare

Integrated with OWS Image CDN, NGINX, CloudFlare, and Google CDN.

Engage & convert users

Use high-quality visuals that load super fast on every device.

Improve SEO

Reduce page load times, rank better and attract new users.

Solve image-related issues

Get compressed images in next-gen format for better PageSpeed & GTMetrix scores.

100% reduction in image bandwidth

OwsCdn allows you to deliver optimized images across web and mobile with minimal effort. You don't have to think much about compressing the images to the right level or delivering it in the right format. And it has made life simpler for developers & Bloggers.

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Frequently Asks Questions

Some questions you might want to ask.

  1. Click Here
  2. Then, fill in your email
  3. Enter your passsword
  4. If you have a domain previously, click use my subdomain or use OWS CDN free subdomain EG: yourwebsite.owscdn.cloud.
  5. Then Click on Submit
  1. Login to OWS CDN Dashboard
  2. Click on domain / subdomain settings
  3. That's all easy to do you will find all avaiable options there...
  1. Login to OWS CDN Dashboard
  2. Click on domain / subdomain settings
  3. Click Verify Subdomain
  4. When the pages load, you will see all the available options, to either add a new domain or claim a subdomain EG: osazemedia.owscdn.cloud you will have to verify you own osazemedia.com by just adding a simple line of code using header and footer plugin or upload a .txt file to verify, and automatically the OWS CDN system will confirm if the code was found on the website and activate the subdomain for your personal brand or website.
  5. Wish you all the best...
  1. Login to OWS CDN Dashboard
  2. Click on domain / subdomain settings
  3. Click Verify domain
  4. To verify your domain simply add a TXT record provided to you by OWS CDN and the system will auto verify if the record was found or not!!

    How to add TXT Record on Cloudflare

    How to add TXT Record on Namecheap

    How to add TXT Record on GoDaddy

    How to add TXT Record on Google Cloud

    How to add TXT Record on Google domains

  5. Wish you all the best...

20-30 minutes, But if you make use of Cloudflare within 10secs it will be updated

Yes OWS CDN is totally free it was created by Osaze, to help improve bloggers SEO and also for personal use. Please enjoy and share the link with others.


Even if your domain is not hosted on OWS CDN you can also make use of OWS CDN

Example all the areas you see https://demo.owscdn.cloud/....png just take it as https://owscdn.cloud/cdn/yoururl

But to make use of watermark you need to verify your domain and create a free account with OWS CDN.

Resource Description Example
?w= Set the width of an image in pixels.
?h= Set the height of an image in pixels.
?crop=w,h Crop an image by width and height (w,h)

Resize and crop an image to exact width,height pixel dimensions. Set the first number as close to the target size as possible and then crop the rest. Which direction it’s resized and cropped depends on the aspect ratios of the original image and the target size.


Fit an image to a containing box of width,height dimensions. Image aspect ratio is maintained.

?filter= The filter GET parameter is optional and is used to apply one of multiple filters. Valid values are: sepia, grayscale, greyscale-dramatic, vintage, black-white, negative.

Use add-reflection to create image reflection. Usage reflection_height, starting_transparency, inside_image, background_color…


The rotate GET parameter is optional and is used to apply one of multiple image rotates. Valid values are: left, right, upside.


Rotate an image using direction,background.


kindly register an account with OWS CDN to upload your watermark. Valid watermark_postion values are: top_left, top_middle, top_right, left, middle, right, bottom_left, bottom_middle, bottom_right.


Use png_to_jpg to convert your PNG images to JPEG format.


Use ?format=WebP to convert your JPEG, PNG, GIF images to WebP format.


The add-text GET parameter is optional. More stuffs for better text output include text-postion,text-size,text-color.

Valid text-postion values are: top_left, top_middle, top_right, left, middle, right, bottom_left, bottom_middle, bottom_right, widthxheight [20x30].

Valid text-color: fffffff, and any hex color are also valid to learn more about hex color code W3school.

text-size must be a numeric string.

https://demo.owscdn.cloud/ows-images/nicki-minaj.png?add-text=Nicki%20Minaj%[email protected]%20OWSCDN&text-postion=bottom-left&text-size=30&text-color=cdad00

The round-corners GET parameter is optional. To make an image round just set true.


Add image border, set the width,color.


Add image shadow, set the color.


Add caption to images, set the color.

https://demo.owscdn.cloud/ows-images/nicki-minaj.png?add-caption-box=40,000000,0&add-text=Nicki%20Minaj%[email protected]%20OWSCDN&text-postion=bottom-left&text-size=30&text-color=cdad00

Add caption box to images.

https://demo.owscdn.cloud/ows-images/nicki-minaj.png?add-caption-box=true&add-caption-box=40,000000,0&add-text=Nicki%20Minaj%[email protected]%20OWSCDN&text-postion=bottom-left&text-size=30&text-color=cdad00

Add advanced custom box for image caption, set the color,thickness,padding. EG 000000,40,0. When using add-caption-box-array also add ?add-caption-box=true

https://demo.owscdn.cloud/ows-images/nicki-minaj.png?add-text=Nicki%20Minaj%[email protected]%20OWSCDN&text-postion=bottom-left&text-size=30&text-color=cdad00&add-caption-box-array=ff00bf,40,0&add-caption-box=true

Circle image, set true and background color.


Image URL:

Select preview background Color

Image preview

Orginal image: https://demo.owscdn.cloud/ows-images/nicki-minaj.png


The first image below added a class to OWS CDN plugin to ignore that image and do no action, while the second image class was not added.

Download OWS CDN WordPress Plugin

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